The Four Dragons Draft

This my draft there might be some mistakes

My Story
Once upon a time there were four dragons that lived in the sea. The black dragon's scales where shadows. The yellow dragon was as light as the sun. The long dragon was very long, the pearl dragon was as white as snow and its scales felt like ice . One day the dragons were flying over a village. The dragons saw the people had no water and they were begging. The children were all crying for it to rain so their crops could  grow because they were all dead. All the dry crops smelled like death.
One of the dragons said, "Should we help them?¨ Another one said, "We should go see the emperor and ask him to make it rain.¨ When they got to the emperor's house they saw he had a lovely garden with roses that smelt like cherries. They went up to the emperor and asked, ¨You need to make it rain because the village needs rain. They haven't had rain for a long time and their crops are not growing.¨ The emperor said, ¨I will get u…

4 dragons

Plot Matrix: The Four Dragons
Who 4 dragons black dragon yellow dragon long dragon pearl dragon

Where China in the sea and in the air What Problem No rain in the village Setback Epera didn't do anything

Setback The dragons got trapped under the mountain Helper The dragons Solution The dragons got the water out of the sea to make it rain

Ending The dragons trind themselves into river for the people Learning You need water to live

Welcome to my learning blog

Hi my name is Jeremy, and this is where I will be sharing my learning with you. I am a year 6 student.
Our first unit will be storytelling. The story we are learning about is The Four Dragons. I think this story might be about...
I think the story might be set in Greece  The story might be a mystery I think the dragons are evil Maybe the dragons will attack if someone finds them